About US

About Spearhead

Our knifemaker SANGYUTOU has been engaged in making handmade knives for more than 10 years, and our knife technique has been recognized by many customers. We hope to have more opportunity to provide a choices to overseas customers.

We have an independent and complete R&D center, up-to-date software, a cutting-edge 3D printing lab, state-of-the-art CNC machines, and laser engraving program.

We accept product design material customization. Whether or not you are looking for 100 pieces for a company incentive or award, or if you are looking for 1 piece to personalize for gifts, we have something for you.

We are open to working with designers around the world to turn dreams into reality.

To be a Swordsman with a peerless sword
A cup of tea, a bottle of wine, a knife, Whether in turbulent times or calm; in the depths of everyone's soul there is a chivalrous shadow, there is a great knife. Like you are, each knife is unique. The heritage of the craftsman spirit, but also the dream of each of our chivalrous guests.